Sofia Coppola’s ‘Bling Ring’ blurs morality and Hollywood reality

Hollywood couples who are having ‘commitment issues’

“I’m not opposed to it, but I’m kind of grateful I didn’t get to meet them now.” In the movie, Marc is a new transfer to Indian Hills High School in Agoura Hills when cute, outgoing Rebecca befriends him. “I never saw myself as an A List-looking guy,” the awkward boy later tells an investigator. But after a few nights out with Rebecca — breaking into a pal’s McMansion and boosting a convertible, followed by a shopping spree at Kitson and posting selfies (self portraits) from a nightclub full of at least B Listers — he’s hooked. Soon, Rebecca’s hot gal pals are joining them at celebrities’ homes on nights when, they’ve confirmed via social media, the stars won’t be around. While the attraction for Marc is self-evident, what drove the others to break-ins is a subject for much socio-psychological speculation.
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Danny Trejo’s Criminal Past Didn’t Stop The Actor From Doing Time In Hollywood

“Still, given the scale of all the data points available to Google, we have to pay attention to whatever they can show us.” While Google refuses to offer dollar predictions for specific films, it claims it can make predictions with 92 percent accuracy. It further reported that four weeks before a movie opens — before the main ad buys kick in — measuring searches for a film’s trailer can result in a box-office prediction that is 94 percent accurate. Google doesn’t plan, however, to start charging studios for such information the way other tracking services such as NGR and MarketCast do. “We’re going to offer this as a courtesy to our clients,” says Reggie Panaligan, Google’s senior analytic lead. That doesn’t mean that if a film is underperforming, Google will use its findings to encourage clients to buy more search ads. “We are not suggesting causation,” he adds.
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Hollywood Scoffs at Google Box Office Prediction Tool

People aren’t scared of tough guys. People are scared of crazy people.” Danny Trejo cleans up his act, gets hired in Hollywood So how does an ex-con gang-banger and one of the most frightening figures you’ll meet go from being just a mean, scary-looking crazy guy to now one of Hollywood’s most beloved action heroes and a celebrity red-carpet regular? Trejo, 69, says it wasn’t easy. And it started with hitting rock bottom and a three-month stretch in solitary confinement in 1968 at Soledad Prison where he was doing five years on a drug dealing charge. “I was sitting in the hole, and it’s like I knew, it’s all over,” Trejo said in a 1998 documentary.
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Here are some other members: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Country singer Taylor Swift dated One Direction vocalist for a brief period, but their ugly break up created more headlines than their togetherness. In a post breakup interview, Harry described Taylor as a ‘pain’ and confessed that he’s not met a girl who he’ll even think of getting serious with. Michelle Williams and Jason Segel When Michelle and Jason started dating each other in 2011, their relationship oscillated between New York and Los Angeles . According to reports, Segel moved to her place in New York but Jason couldn’t leave his home in Los Angeles.
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